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Thousands of organizations provide crucial help ranging from after school programs, tutoring, SAT prep, to targeted interventions to elevate and support students to graduate on time and be career-ready. 


All are faced with managing their programs and are asking, "How can I make the most meaningful impact with the resources I have?" 


Yet most use Excel, Google Docs, or pen and paper to track their work with students. 


Which is not only extremely time consuming, but makes it very hard to know everything that's happening around a student - both at their program and at school. Almost impossible to make data driven decisions, or scale and expand their impact to students.  

Door94 fixes that. 

Door94 helps organizations transform student lives. 

We equip Non Profits and Schools with solutions that simplify program management, connects student information across multiple K-12 sources, and enables practitioners to spend more time with students.

        enables practitioners to serve students better with every hour, program, and dollar.



Leverages the Ed-Fi Alliance, used in over 29 states and 10,000 districts to simplify data collection.  

Built using the Ed-Fi educational data standard, Door94 connects data previously locked away in disparate systems so you can access everything you need, all in one place.

"I never imagined we could track all of our program engagement with students AND their academic grades.  Having full visibility into a student's school grades and how much time they spend in our program has transformed our Impact Reports for our funders, and our actual programming.  We can now see which programs are having a bigger impact on college-readiness."

~Door94 Customer

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